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1880 Academy Dr  Los Angeles, CA 90012

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2013.  10:00AM

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Lamborghini Club LA & LAPD Southeast Division 


 Sunday, June 9th 2013 10:00AM




LA Police Academy/ LA Police Revolver & Athletic Club – Next to Dodgers Stadium - 1880 Academy Dr  LA, CA 90012

Expected guests:

150 (50 LCLA, 50 Kids, 50 LAPD )

Price of Admission:

FREE for LCLA Members, please RSVP here.



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Dear LCLA members & friends,


 We’ve found, over the years, that Lamborghini owners are all very unique individuals who are committed to motivating and sharing their success with others. Giving back to our community, especially to groups in need, helps us remember why we’ve worked so hard.

                In support of our collective drive to give back, we are increasing our participation in community and philanthropy events. We strive to make an impact and create memories –  to spend our time well and invest in programs that make an impact. Giving our members, owners and friends a chance to directly motivate and change people’s lives by exemplifying their own stories of struggle and success brings home the true power of what we can achieve.


Last year:  2012 Make a Wish Foundation

Each year we continue to shift toward events that are not only fun and exhilarating, but focus on ways we can help to change people’s lives permanently. As you might recall, last year’s event was with the Make a Wish/Kids of Courage Foundation, where we closed down Hollywood Boulevard and gave over 200 terminally ill children a ride of their lives, right off the red carpet at Grumman’s Chinese Theatre. I can say with certainty that many of those kids were instilled with new spirit to live, and are in fact alive today in part because of the event which only a group of ladies and gentlemen like us could have provided. Thank you for your participation!


This year: 2013: Providing alternative support to at-risk youth. LAPD

This year, we aim to tackle another group of people in need.

This event is very special and will require a unique level of involvement.  We’re very excited to reach out to a select group of 50 pre-teen kids from Southeast Los Angeles, in a direct partnership with the LAPD Southwest division. This time we’ll close down the LA Police Academy next to Dodgers Stadium to hold an unprecedented event with the Kids of Jeopardy LADP program. We’ll have speakers, media representatives, break-out-groups, music, food truck, a race around their training test track, a visit from the Chief of Police, the Los Angeles Times; the list goes on…

But before the fun breaks out and the cars start their engines, we will be there to speak to these kids as real people, to give them a better understanding of how success can really be achieved, as an alternative to a life on the streets.  We’ll have an initial speaking session followed by small, focused break-out groups.


If you choose to participate:

An opportunity like this gives you a chance to change a kid’s life permanently. We’re here to show them what can be accomplished, but we’ll also have the opportunity to show them that nothing can be obtained overnight, nor will it be achieved through a life of crime. Motivation, dedication and hard work are facets that we embody, heart, soul and car. We’re here to give kids visual motivation with our “dream cars,” yes. But we can take things a step further and become true role models by sharing with them the wisdom and insights life has taught us.

In addition to day-of participants, we’re looking for a few family and/or corporate sponsors to help us carry associated expenses, which we estimate to be apex 10-15K.  Any surplus will go directly to the LAPD Fund. All contributions are tax deductible.

Whether you wish to donate, participate or both, I invite your input and/or contracture to this special event. The goodwill obtained on behalf of the LAPD and the community, as well as the personal sense of contribution is hard to put in put in words. Simply put: Please join us on June 9th.

We look forward to your participation. Let's make 2013 a great year of giving back to our community in this unique way.


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